1.- The company.
With VOLTOR Virtual Airlines name, a virtual non-profit entity is constituted,
whose objective is the promotion, practice and promotion of aerial simulation. VOLTOR Virtual Airlines does not develop any type of commercial activity or relationship, of any kind, with any Air Company in real life, so all its activity is circumscribed virtually to the recreation of its flight operations within the network " International Virtual Aviation Organization "(IVAO).
VOLTOR Virtual Airlines carries out its flight operations with the call sign VOL and will attend to its calls with the name of VOLTOR.
VOLTOR Virtual Airlines has its registered domain as which will be understood as its Official Page. These rules will be mandatory as well as those of the IVAO network where we operate.

2.- Members
Your role in the VA is to fly under the flight number indicated in the FSA system and
promote the virtual airline by making good use of the plane and possessing, at least, basic knowledge about aviation.

2.1 All members of the company who accept this regulation and meet the stipulated requirements are considered to be members of the company.

2.2 All members are required to collaborate with a minimum of 2 hours of flight per week under the "VOL" call


2.3 The members will be inactive if after 2 months without making any flight. This period will be reduced to 1 month (one month) in case the member has participated in flights for other companies.

2.4  In case of not being able to comply with standard 2.2 for a justified reason that the user must inform the staff that they can maintain their permanence in the company.

2.5 In case of detecting outside activity based on the 2.4 standard, the member will be automatically removed.

2.6 A pilot may be removed from the VA for the following reasons:
       1.- By own will (Notifying Staff members)
       2.- When it exceeds the periods of inactivity in section 2.2.
       3.- When a very serious offense is committed.
       4.- When the management of the company deems it appropriate.
       5.- When the pilot has been suspended in the IVAO network.



3.- Direction and management.

3.1.- CEO.

Will be the representative of the Company before the corresponding bodies; will manage the actions for the best operation and expansion of the same and will be responsible for the appointments of the members of the Staff of the Company as well as the coordination of the same.

3.2.- Flight Director.
It will be in charge of the creation and maintenance of the routes of the VA based on the demand.


3.3 Manager:
Will be the assistant to the acting president of:
- Manage Companies (Accept, Reject, Codes shared, ...)
- Manage Ads (Add, Edit, ...)
- Manage Aircraft (Repair, Transfer, Change Registration, ...)
- Manage Fleet (Buy / Sell / Lease aircraft, ...)


3.3.- Instructor.
It will be the maximum responsible for the coordination of the instructors. It will be in charge of managing the students and pilots who have requested a training. In coordination with the President
will supervise the operations of the members of the company.


4.- Become a Pilot


4.1 To belong to Voltor VA you must send an email to "" indicating name, surnames and telephone. Simultaneously, it should be registered and applied in the system FSA Airlines
4.2 It is mandatory to have a minimum age of 18 years and to be active in the network of
4.3. It is mandatory to provide actual and updated data
4.4. The acceptance of the registration will always be supervised by the CEO / Staff


5.- Flights Operations.
The virtual airline has its main base established at the Menorca airport. When flying under the callsign VOL, the following line should be included in the flight plan:


5.1.- Flight System.
All Voltor Virtual Airlines pilots will carry out their flights, in IVAO network except those
that, due to their training nature, are expressly authorized offline. The system will be used
FS Airlines automatic system implemented in the company's system, as regular flights, although
you can make charter flights according to availability.


5.2.- Flight reports.
The flight booked at FSAirlines must be made within the next 24 hours; of not having
made the system itself will automatically cancel the reservation. In case of automatic cancellation of the system, the pilot will receive a warning.
These operations require the qualification, specific and independent of the category of the pilot, to operate with the aircraft assigned to the flight line.
(It is also mandatory to report flights through the IVA System VA System.
within a maximum period of 48 hours from the end of the flight.)


5.3.- Rank.
The ranges are established according to the rating average established in the FSAirlines automatic system of the number of flights performed:
Second Flight Officer: 1 - 10 points
First Flight Officer: 11-25 points
Capitan: 26 - 50 points
Flight Captain: 51 - 100 points
Senior Captain: 101 - 500 points
Senior Flight Captain: + 500 points


5.4.- Habilitaciones para vuelos.

5.4.1.- Second Flight Officer.

They will be able to operate, on flights with the aircraft of the AEROTAXI fleet

5.4.2.- First Flight Officer.
They will be able to operate, on flights, with the aircraft of the AEROTAXI fleet, HUB

5.4.3.- Captain.
They will be able to operate, on flights, with the aircraft of the AEROTAXI fleet, HUB

5.4.4.- Flight Captain
They will be able to operate, on flights, with the aircraft of the AEROTAXI fleet, HUB

5.5.5- Senior Captain
They will be able to operate, on flights, with the aircraft of the AEROTAXI fleet, HUB

5.5.6.- Senior Flight Captain
They will be able to operate, on flights, with the aircraft of the AEROTAXI fleet, HUB


**The planes in the Rental / Sale fleet can not be used**